First things first..


My name is Nikki Terrell. I am currently a senior at the University of West Florida. My major is in Public Relations. As I near the end of my education, I had to choose a topic to blog about related to public relations. So, I thought and thought, my passion has always revolved around sports, but my life and public relations revolve around social media. My vast experience facebooking and tweeting might help a little when it comes to PR but I really wanted to explore more into the professional side of social media and what I need to be prepared for when I begin my career. Social media has always been one of my favorite parts about PR and I believe it is one of the most important skills a practitioner needs to have a solid knowledge in. The beauty of PR is that you can end up just about anywhere in this world from government to sports, but no matter where you are social media is going to play a large factor into that job. I plan on learning more and sharing the ins and outs, and all the dos and don’ts a newbie needs in this field to be successful. ┬áStay tuned to hear about all my discoveries.