Our feet are wet so what now?

We have covered the major don’ts in social media so how about we cover some dos.

When researching this crazy world of social media, the don’ts came easy to find but every expert and blogger had their own ideas of how to be successful. Some say branch out and cover as many networks as possible while other suggest finding a niche and sticking to it.

Despite some of their disagreements in success, 3 basic strategies seemed to come up in every tip or trick to being a social media king/queen.

1. Have a plan. When setting up your social media, know what goals you plan to accomplish. If it is a crisis management situation, you are not going to be posting funny pictures. If you want to bring people in, create a quiz of the day or post those funny pictures to make people think of you over your competitor.

2. Be a team. Social media is not a one person job. Keep as many people involved as possible. Two heads are most definitely better than one in social media. BUT! make sure you have a plan (back to 1.) as to who is going to be in charge of making the genius posts you and your team come up with.

3. Be honest. Be real. If your remember number 3 in the don’ts post, being personable is ultimately what people are looking for in social media. This complex world of social media can make or break a business. People are looking for answers and people are looking for who and what they want to bring into their homes. Giving an image and personality that people feel comfortable with is going to boost image, business, and profit for any kind of industry.

ImageSocial media is a lot like a complicated puzzle. There are a ton of pieces and a million spots for the wrong ones. But when you slow down and put it together piece by piece with a simple strategy it ends up perfect by the end. And you never have to do a puzzle you don’t want to. If you want to be the person on every social media platform out there, go for it! If you want to only be on Facebook and Twitter, make it the best Facebook and Twitter anyone has ever seen.



When learning anything new or mastering a concept you have to first learn the background. As a 21 year old I remember my first interaction with social media was the horrible sounds of AOL coming to life on a dial up computer. When did you first experience social media? If you need a quick refresher, Tim McMullen posted this wonderful infographic to give us a brief history lesson and time line of social media.

With our basics now covered and leaving us all feeling ancient, how do we tackle this monster that is social media?

If you know what not to do you are already 10 times better at something. So, let’s go over 3 main social media don’ts.

1.  Do not be self-absorbed. Social media is not about you. It is about who you are reaching. When it comes to where you post, when you post, and what you post, always think about who is reading it and what they are going to take away from it. And okay it is a little self-absorbed because ultimately making it about them is going to benefit you.

2. Do not be a hermit crab. Making a main post and then going back in your shell is unacceptable. Your audiences will be looking to get answers. If you do not open up dialogue and give them what they are looking for you are going to fail. Be open.  Whether your social media is through a blog, Facebook,Twitter, or the other numerous options out there people want open communication. Answer questions, solve problems, and back to numero uno make it about the customer and help yourself doing so.

3. Obviously, do NOT be boring. If your social media is black and white, with no excitement, guess who is not going to get visited again? Keep your social media audience engaged. Add life. Something as simple as pictures or some kind of daily special will keep your audience wanting more.

To learn a little more about how important number one is and get a little more information on being successful in social media read this post from PR expert, Brian Solis.

First things first..


My name is Nikki Terrell. I am currently a senior at the University of West Florida. My major is in Public Relations. As I near the end of my education, I had to choose a topic to blog about related to public relations. So, I thought and thought, my passion has always revolved around sports, but my life and public relations revolve around social media. My vast experience facebooking and tweeting might help a little when it comes to PR but I really wanted to explore more into the professional side of social media and what I need to be prepared for when I begin my career. Social media has always been one of my favorite parts about PR and I believe it is one of the most important skills a practitioner needs to have a solid knowledge in. The beauty of PR is that you can end up just about anywhere in this world from government to sports, but no matter where you are social media is going to play a large factor into that job. I plan on learning more and sharing the ins and outs, and all the dos and don’ts a newbie needs in this field to be successful.  Stay tuned to hear about all my discoveries.